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There is but one law; The law of Balance.

Siddhesh Chauhan, the Head of Design and Executive director of JadeBlue, has his eponymous label. The label merges the simplicity of proportions and details to portray the deconstructed notion of functionality. He graduated from NIFT and pursued higher studies at LCF, University of Arts London.

He is immensely inspired by architecture, music, sentiments and traditional diversity which en routes him to create contemporary designs for the new age man. He strongly believes in the immortality of art and design plus notes that an exceptional design is the one which influences the subject in whatever way possible.

"One cannot abide without the other.
The new and mysterious can only be reborn
when the old shackles are torn.
A New you, is born every day.
Everything on a larger scale is design,
Contradictions are real and so Balance Is The Key.”