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Black Uniform Hexagonl Pintucks Black Uniform Hexagonl Pintucks ₹ 117,999₹ 129,799

The deep teal blue Jodhpuri jacket with diagonal pintucks is a stunning and unique garment that showcases a fusion of traditional Indian aesthetics and contemporary fashion. This jacket is designed to make a bold and stylish statement, adding a touch of sophistication and panache to any occasion. Crafted from a high-quality fabric, the deep teal blue color enhances the jacket's elegance and versatility. The shade of teal is rich and deep, offering a unique alternative to more conventional colors. It exudes a sense of luxury and regality, making it a standout choice for formal events and special occasions. The defining feature of this Jodhpuri jacket is the diagonal pintucks that adorn the front panel. The pintucks are meticulously stitched in a diagonal pattern, creating a visually striking texture that adds depth and visual interest to the jacket. These subtle folds of fabric give the garment a sense of dynamic movement and dimension.


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